Last week I goofed BIG TIME!  As much as I love Cee’s work @, I misspoke (mistyped?) and didn’t give credit where credit was due.  So after humble apologies, I am setting the record straight.  THURSDAY LINGERING LOOK AT WINDOWS is hosted by Dawn at The Day After. Having said that (and after feeling foolish and illiterate – can I even read words in my native tongue?!) here’s a peek through my windows for this week.

church window 1

church window 2St. Thomas’ Church – Brigantine, New Jersey

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Jeff and I took a bike ride to Rita’s Water Ice near the beach tonight.  Just what I need to negate the bike ride – a mango and vanilla, soft ice cream gelati.  It could be worse,  I suppose.  We could have driven there.  I still didn’t have a photo for Jake’s “Door” challenge, so I suggested that we stop by St. Thomas’ Church a few blocks away to check out the front door there.  It’s not elaborate, nor does it have the character that comes with age, but it’s a simple door. One that leads to many things for many people. Solace for some, relief or comfort for others.   A little bit of stained glass, plain, yet, welcoming.  Beckoning…