If it weren’t for the ridiculous taxes and the small town politics, my town would be the place to be.  As a matter of fact, I do believe that’s our motto around here.  Collingswood, the place you want to be.  The biggest draws around town are the shops and restaurants.  WordPress can’t accommodate all the windows in one tiled gallery, so I picked out some of my favorites.

No lie!  There are so many fantastic restaurants, from Italian to Asian.  From Italian to Mexican. From Italian to Indian. From – did I say Italian?  Well you get my drift.

If you want to get your hair done before going to dinner, we’ve got that, too.  Or should I say, got those, too.  I can think of four salons off the top of my head. (no pun intended) You really have to see it to appreciate it, so if you’re ever in the area, stop on the avenue.  You won’t be disappointed.

As is true to my form, I’m late with my entry.  But don’t let that stop you from clicking over to Dawn’s blog, lingeringvisions, so you can take a long, hard look at some very interesting windows.

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Dawn @ lingeringvisions is the gracious host of the title post.  She doesn’t ask for a story, but, like a song, I felt one coming on.  This window is part of the Barclay Farmstead in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  During my visit I came across several old buildings, a few trails, a park with swings and slides, a wooden bridge, and more. I decided to skulk around and take a few photos.  Then my imagination took over…

window Barclay House

“They say she was carrying that basket when she disappeared.”

With a shiver, I turned.  An elderly man, in a long weathered coat, stood beside me.  Apparently he noticed that his silent approach had startled me.    He appeared apologetic,  his eyes almost tear-filled.

“I’m sorry, ” he whispered.

Without waiting for my acknowledgement, he looked toward the basket in the window and continued, softly.

“There were daffodils in the basket when they found it,” he said turning and pointing in the direction of the woods. “She’d been picking them at the time.  On the trail.  On the other side of the bridge.”

I nodded, not sure if I should say anything.

“It was this time of year, 30 years ago,” he continued in his low voice. “Spring. She had beautiful red curls and a green ribbon in her hair.”  He looked at me, still appearing to be near tears.

“Her mother told the authorities that she had asked to gather flowers before going to a friend’s birthday celebration.”  He lowered his eyes. “The basket sits there.  Has all these years.”

I fixed my gaze on the window and tried to picture a red-headed child in her party attire, green bow clipped to her curls.  When I turned, the man had vanished.  I was drawn to the bridge, and as I started to cautiously cross, something in the distance seemed to move between the trees.  Straining to focus, I just couldn’t be sure.

Being a bit put off, I turned to cross back over the bridge when I spotted something slowly waving in the early spring breeze.  There, tied to a rail, was what appeared to be a tattered green ribbon.

bridge Barclay Farmstead

Cross the bridge over to Dawn’s lingeringvisions by clicking here for a look at more windows.

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Did someone say it had to be an ENTIRE WINDOW?

Last week, Jeff and I purchased two new bikes – our other bikes were claimed by Hurricane Sandy.  From some bad luck comes good.  We got way better bikes this time, and when we parked them in the garage for safe keeping, this is what we saw.

This beauty emerged right on our garage window – which apparently needs a good paint job.  The window, not the moth (I say moth. Jeff says butterfly. – Any takers???)

This isn’t a whole window, but Dawn never said it had to be, so…

Click here, or here, or even here, and see what’s up at Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows.

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In a little antique shop in New Hope, PA, off the beaten path, I found two old church windows.  They’re not in the church of course.  They are windows in the window. 🙂

New Hope window

Pretty, no?  The owner is in the process of trying to find out which church these windows came from, so I don’t have that info, but I think they look good in the window.

Click on over to Dawn’s blog @ lingering visions for a peek into more on windows.

Thursday Lingering Look At Windows Week 3

Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God.

LENNY BRUCE, The Essential Lenny Bruce

Something to ponder.

I know I did church windows for Dawn’s Lingering Look post last week, but I couldn’t pass these up. These precious little panes are paving a path to the sky. Be ye a believer or be ye not, be you a church goer or be you not, church windows a worth a lingering look. Even a second lingering look.


Not to be a pain, but I think you should make your way to Dawn‘s Lingering Look at Windows. Just click on the link.


Last week I goofed BIG TIME!  As much as I love Cee’s work @, I misspoke (mistyped?) and didn’t give credit where credit was due.  So after humble apologies, I am setting the record straight.  THURSDAY LINGERING LOOK AT WINDOWS is hosted by Dawn at The Day After. Having said that (and after feeling foolish and illiterate – can I even read words in my native tongue?!) here’s a peek through my windows for this week.

church window 1

church window 2St. Thomas’ Church – Brigantine, New Jersey

Please make me feel redeemed and stop by Dawn’s to see more wonderful window pix.

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