I know I haven’t been here for a while, so this #7 is probably more like n√ļmero uno for me this year, but I saw a picture of a VW beetle and if you know anything about me you know I love VW bugs. and if you know anything else about me, you know I’m a nice person ūüėČ so ¬†I wanted to share.

Fast forward to Which Way…

So we heard it was going to snow today. ¬†But do we stay home? Of course not. ¬†We HAD to go to Trader Joe’s because I HAD to have their coconut Greek yogurt. ¬†Trader’s is about 25 minutes away so we detoured for breakfast and then off we went.

True to form, it snowed.  Traffic was stupid.  But I had my eye on the price.  Coconut Greek YOGURT!

The snow ¬†didn’t really look like a big deal.


After all, TJ’s had what I needed.

This is a really fun place to shop. ¬†You get free coffee and can taste samples of yummy food, they’ve got a great selection of cards for A DOLLAR and the cashier’s wear Hawaiian shirts – ALL YEAR ROUND!) ¬†The walls are decorated with fun, colorful pictures and it’s just a very cheerful shopping experience.. ¬†(Here’s where the VW comes in.)

This is the pic that makes me smile.

One if by land…


(But if you’re into canoes…)

And two if by sea (or river, or lake, or…)


So I grab up some coconut yogurt ( and mangoes and blackberries, sliced italian bread and chocolate covered raisins – all the essentials) then home again home again, jigging jig.


Traffic seems to have died down.  I suppose yogurt is not a priority with some folks.

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Brussels Sprout – a cultivar in the Gemmifera (hey! that’s almost my name) group of cabbages, grown for it’s edible, layered, leafy buds.¬† These nasty (my opinion) green vegetables are tyically 2.5-4 cm in diameter and look like miniature cabbages. (Wikipedia – minus the opinion)

EDIBLE BUDS!¬† Yeah.¬† Right.¬† One of these might pass my lips!¬† As much as I love OWLS, I HATE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!¬† But I never knew they grew like this – on stalks, I mean.¬† And if it wasn’t for one of my favorite markets – Trader Joe’s – I might never have known.¬† They don’t look like this in other supermarkets, that I’ve seen.¬† I was kind of surprised that they grew on stalks, but then what do I know.¬† I won’t even eat the things.¬† I think they take a pretty picture, though.¬† Even brussels sprouts have to be good for something.



brussels sprouts

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While out and about this weekend, I found what I think were appropriate subjects for Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week.¬† Though not much of a traveler, I did accumulate three different takes on the subject.¬† Tell me what you think.¬† Delicate? or Not so much.¬† And then travel over to Ailsa’s blog and see more delicate subjects from some seasoned travelers.¬† ūüėČ

A Christmas tree made of shells.¬† So delicate that I couldn’t buy it.¬† It was broken!

Whenever I’m in need of a pick-me-up, flowers always seem to do the trick.¬† Trader Joe’s¬† never let’s me down.

Yesterday, I spotted these ‘sailors’ . ¬† This would not be my favorite mode of transportation, mainly because I am not a swimmer and I think it takes a delicate balance to keep you and your vehicle upright.¬† I did see a few of these sailboats tip precariously and that only reinforced my fears on the subject of sailing.¬† I also fell into a hole in the ground while making my way to the water’s edge.¬† Clearly not my cup of tea, this delicate business of boating.¬† But fun to watch.¬† Even if from a gopher hole!

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