Jeff and I went to Philadelphia today to join in a rally for Solidarity.  There were plenty of signs there – more than I could capture.  Unions from all around came to stand together to support the 2nd Bill of Rights.  (click to read more about these rights)

Here are some of the signs that were displayed.

WORKERS STAND FOR AMERICA – Music from Yankee Doodle Dandy to God Bless America

One of the amendments

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Some ‘workers’ were more enthusiastic 🙂

Some signs floated overhead

Jeff got in on the action – supporting Local 351, of which he is a member

We don’t all have to believe in the same things, and we don’t all have to agree, but we all have a say.  We had our say today. 

When we drove away from the rally, we came across this sign.  I wish we could have stopped, but the traffic wouldn’t allow it and parking was non-existent.  So while we were stopped at a red light, I quickly tried to capture this sign the best I could.

Thanks to Ailsa for, again, presenting us with a weekly challenge.  Stop by her blog, wheresmybackpack? to read a few more signs.