Eureka! A reason to exhibit two of my favorite photos.

The first was taken in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  My husband asked what I wanted for my birthday last year, and without hesitation, I said I’d love a few days in Washington, D.C.  Him being the history buff he is, and me being a hound for road trips, off we went.  We spent one day in D.C., which is never enough, but, you know what they say, “Don’t look a gift horse…”

And one day in Alexandria.  The shops are eclectic, and the views from around the Potomac are electric.

This shot was taken after feverishly searching for and finding a parking space.   Not an easy feat, but there’s a reason for everything, because I clicked this off just minutes after getting out of the car.  I LOVE this shot.

And this one, my son took of himself on our deck.  I don’t know if it’s a mother’s love, or what, but this one blows me away.

Sometimes I guess I do things for my own visual pleasure.  But I hope you enjoyed them a little as well.

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