‘Tis the season for reds and greens, and Cee‘s new challenge asks for just those holiday colors.  So I decided that I would go out searching for things to point and click at rather than go through my older pix.  But first grocery shopping.  Little did I know that my trip to Wegman’s Supermarket would yield such fruitful results. (no pun intended)

This is not only a great place to shop, it’s the perfect place to capture some Reds and Greens.  Feast your eyes, and take in the hues of the holiday season.

For a look at more Reds and Greens, stop by Cee’s incredible blog.  You won’t be disappointed.  Just click on the cute pic below.cees-fun-foto1



Yesterday Jeff and I went to Wegman’s.  This is a supermarket to top all supermarkets.  If you have to go food shopping, and who doesn’t, this is the place to go.  I’m happy to say my son just landed a job there, and I’m pretty impressed because it’s not an easy place to even get an interview.

Any who, while we were there we tasted some blue cheese with balsamic glaze that sported a giant bing cherry off to the side of the little cup they give you for taste-testing purposes.  OMG already!  It was to die for.  The blue cheese tasted like some kind of fancy cream cheese and the glaze, well, forgetaboutit!  It was just amazing. When we walked behind the plethora of dairy delights, I noticed the beautiful flower arrangements that created a backdrop to my little piece of cheese-heaven.  There were three woman working, feverishly, in a jungle of floral reds, yellows, and greens , creating all sorts of fancy bouquets and table dressings and I thought, “How lucky is this?!”  This week’s challenge, presented by Ailsa from wheresmybackpack is all about flowers!

I figured, hey!  Why can’t supermarket flowers get a little recognition, so I grabbed my phone out of my pocket, asked Jeff to hang tight, and off I went, clicking and smelling and smiling.  Here’s some of what they were building back there.  Great stuff, ladies!

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As much as I enjoyed looking all that  fabulous flora , this was my favorite.  A Rainbow of Roses!

Blue cheese and balsamic glaze, bing cherries aside, it was a very fruitful trip to the supermarket.

And, because I was on a roll, these are in our side yard at home.

Click on this link to enjoy more fancy flowers, exotic and otherwise, and thanks to Ailsa for posting the challenge.