One shot, two ways. Love it! This is an opportunity to see a crazy number of photos and to learn from the experience of other bloggers (I won’t say other photographers because I haven’t earned the right to be included in that category.) ,  Professional or novice, there’s plenty to be said for both.
Welcome to my home – or at least two sides of it.



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When I think curves, I think shapely.  Comes from a time when Monroe and Hayworth were a big part of my generation, I suppose.  Since I’m not surrounded by those types of curves and the days of my curves are waning, I thought I’d go with the more traditional definition of the word.  Although, I think curves can be sexy, even if they’re not part of a shapely torso.  Just ask my friend, Judith, at A View From The Woods. 🙂

This flower curved its petal to protect? comfort? hug? another bud.  So sweet and gentle.

A gentle embrace

A gentle embrace

Some curves, in the true sense of the word…

Yes, it is a humongous heart!  See the couple relaxing on their beach chairs?  That’ll give you a perspective on how big that heart really is.  Someone is soooooooo loved.

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If your house is anything like mine (yes, ladies, I’m talking to you), when my husband’s around, I have no control over the remote control.  I don’t know why it’s even called a control.  I never have any.  Well, my – ah – better half is away and I thought, “Great.  Now I don’t have to miss commercials if I don’t want, or I can watch just one show at a time and not see various channels flip right before my very eyes.  I can watch sports without hearing how the umpires are blind, and I can play Jeopardy and be the one in the room that wins for a change!”

For one fleeting moment, I thought I was in control.  I guess I was wrong!






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There’s been a lot of talk about patterns – whether they be random or whether they be not.  I’m conflicted (undecisive?) so here’s a mix.  Some are by nature, some man made, some random and some ordinal and precise.  Whatever your taste, you might find one that you agree is pattern-worthy.

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I’ve become intrigued by the art of doodling.  So yesterday, before opening my email, I began doing a bit of doodling of my own.  Fearing I’d get sloppy after a half hour of pen to paper, I stopped to check my email.  It struck me as coincidental that the challenge for this week was titled “Lost in the Details.”  Peace – Lost in the Details.


It’s my first attempt at this doodling thing.  I found it quite relaxing and engaging.  You should try it.

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Out with the old, in with the new. 2013…

The old tree moves out and makes room for new growth

The old tree moves out and makes room for new growth

In looking up the definition of  “resolved” I found this:

1. firm in purpose or intent; determined.


RESOLVED:  I am determined to be kinder to myself and others around me.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but, to this girl it’s HUGE.

Me:  I’ve always been tough on myself, or so I hear.   I need to work on that, HARD.

Others:  I come off as obstinate and opinionated. I’ve got a very bad delivery.  That needs work, too. 🙂

I can do this!

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2012 in review

Hopefully, better days are coming.

WordPress has ended my year with a thud.  No. I mustn’t blame them.

On December 9 I had 187 views with only 50 plus likes. I got 187 views because of all the pingbacks I listed, I’m guessing. I didn’t do the pingbacks to get more action, and apparently, I didn’t. I did it because I thought it was a nice thing to do.  Well, no  more Mr. Nice Guy  – or Girl in this case.  I need to rethink my blog or get some pointers or quit my day job – so to speak.  I thought I’d share anyway. What the heck.  Ideas, pointers, a slap up side the head. All are welcome.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 13,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

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A while back, I went out to the garage and lifted the door with the intent to retrieve my car.  My husband had left his motorcycle helmet on my son’s soccer net that was situated behind the vehicle.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted this nestled in the helmet.  There was no way I was going to disturb this delicate situation.  Instead, every couple of days, camera in hand, I chronicled the birth of these baby robins.  Our garage had been broken into and a window that hadn’t been fixed yet made a great entrance for the momma bird.

The photos aren’t the best, but it was tough trying to focus with the momma squawking at me every day.  Obviously, the helmet had been rendered useless, and since I don’t know nothing ’bout birthin’ no babies, I let nature take it’s course. The delicate little bird below was injured after his siblings had flown the coop.  This little guy was stuck in the soccer net.  I pulled on a pair of gloves and tried to free him, but he struggled so.  You can see the wing on the left was most certainly not as it should have been.  I went inside to get a blanket, but when I returned, he was gone.  I searched and searched and all I can hope is that he hid himself in the bushes, away from any prowling cats or other predators.


Nature has its own delicate way of taking care of things.  I can only hope he made it to safety.

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