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His mom says he’s a goof.  I say he’s an adorable odd ball.

And what’s more appropriate for an Odd Ball Challenge than a five year old odd ball of fire surrounded by colorful plastic balls in a giant ball pit.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,  find waldo…

ballpit 1

That one was a breeze.

Now this…ballpit 2

OK.  That wasn’t all that tough either.  Still, a little odd. Wouldn’t ya say?

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42 thoughts on “CEE’S ODD BALL CHALLENGE 2015 – WEEK 4

  1. this was such an unexpected surprise, and i needed it! i’ve been trying to fine-tune the 9 pieces of plywood to fit in an un-squared home – sawing out little details so they fit the corners… and i was ready to scream.. so i stopped.. and there was the ultra’slow internet playing ‘possum… i kept loading pages, refreshing,while trying to upload to geographic’s ‘your shot.’ and finally YOUR PAGE loaded! yippee! i loved that first image, as i was not expecting it – at all! (he is not a goof!)


  2. really fun search and find – and I just saw a photo of a dorm room that was turned into a ball pit (can’t recall where tho) but this was fun and it seems like these ball pits are hard to find these days –

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