I’m not one to be doing a daily post – daily – but this one’s different.  I’ve been wanting to write to Stan Wischnowski,  the Executive Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, but who am I and would he even listen?  So… to get it off my chest, I dedicate this post to Mr. Wischnowski.

Dear Sir,

I am a huge fan of Lisa Scottoline, published author and Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday columnist.  But here’s my gripe.  I don’t know what Ms. Scottoline is getting for her column, Chick Wit, which is sometimes funny, sometimes hysterical, and sometimes, well, ok, but I think I could do this.  I think I could write the same material for half the price and twice a week at that!  I mean, I have pets I could write volumes about, and a 90 year old mom that would keep readers in stitches for days on end.  Not to rival Ms. Scottoline, but I’ve also got the two ex-husband senario going for me,  and a list of ex-boyfriends whose stories I could weave into gut-busters.  So what’s the deal?  Does a person have to be famous to, ah, get famous?  Does a person have to have “experience” in order to get experience?  Kind of a catch 22 if you ask me.

Not to be redundant, but I love Lisa Scottoline.  Her  novel, Look Again, kept me on the edge of my seat and begging for more.  I even went to one of her book signings at Barnes and Noble in Cherry Hill, NJ and waited in line to get a picture of myself, with, yes, a famous author.  I have no shame when it comes to well-knowns, probably because I AM NOT ONE!  The line was ridiculous, but I got a book, a signature, and a photo of my husband, Lisa, myself, and Lisa’s now slightly famous daughter, Francesca, who sometimes writes the Inquirer column for her mom.  I guess celebrities get too busy sometimes.  I would never be too busy!  I promise!

In closing I’d like to say, I have nothing against Ms. Scottoline or her beautiful and talented daughter.  I continue to read the column.  Her books are still on my shelf, and I will never stop doing The Inquirer’s Sudoku daily while nibbling on my toast.  But, if Lisa ever gets busy to the point of  “I can’t do this anymore”,  give me a holler.  My dog, my mom, my exes, and my sense of humor are waiting.  Just sayin’.

Respectfully – to one and all mentioned in this communication,




While wading through some photos to submit to Ailsa‘s Liquid Challenge, I found a few shots that I thought might apply.

But here’s the deal.  A challenge within a challenge.  The photo below was taken at the Cape May Zoo.  I didn’t notice it until my step-son brought it to my attention, but their is a face of sorts in the falls.  Clue:  Look at the top left and refer to the tequila bottle in the gallery.  Do you see it?  Once you do, you won’t be able to look at the falls without seeing it.  There was nothing photoshopped – something I can’t afford 🙂 and no editing was done.  Kind of freaky, really.  Good luck.

For more liquid – libation or otherwise – stop by Ailsa‘s site.


My license says my eyes are green.  In reality, they’re hazel, but I LOVE GREEN.  I figured I could get away with it.  So far, so good.

WordPress has assigned my favorite color to the challenge this week.  I dug up a little bit of green, and I think I only have one Christmas tree photo! And even that one is just part of a tree.

Here I am, goin’ green…

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A walk in the park.  A man and his dog. Roses. Bridges. Geese and more.

Today Rocky, Jeff, and I went out looking for “something new” in order to fulfill Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.  There was a crispy, clean chill in the air, but what a fabulous day to collect some new pix.  Take in  the beauty of Knight Park. 

Thanks to Cee for setting up a new challenge.  Stop by her incredible photo blog. She is truly amazing.


The WordPress Challenge for this week is Renewal.  I researched a few definitions of the word because so many things come to mind.  These are some of what I found.

to make like new : restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection –  Like restoring or ‘renewing’ a room.

Yes, that’s me. Helping with the demolition of my son’s bedroom. In the process of renewing…

Then there’s:

to make new spiritually – Depending on your beliefs, this could mean different things to different people.

Surround yourself with positive thinking, Mirth and Motivation, and inspiration – exercise for both the body and the soul.

And then we have these:

to make extensive changes in – rebuild

to begin again

Renewal that brings to mind the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy at home in New Jersey, as well as New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. There’s much to be done, but with fabulous attitudes, good spirits, and great neighbors, friends, and strangers alike, it will all be rebuilt and renewed.  Maybe better than new!

Here is my hope.  No matter what you’re working on, whether it be rebuilding, restoring, replenishing, or renewing, that your success is as great as your mind could ever imagine.

If nature can succumb to the changes in the weather and then be renewed once again to it’s original beauty, then we can learn from her and do the same.

to become new or as new

Click here and be inspired.


Island Traveler has challenged us with using our creativity for creating a post titled Create.
I’m new at this beading business, but I’ll put it out there anyway.  Creativity is not my middle name, but I’m always making an attempt.

Here’s some fun jewelry I cranked out. When I’m ready, I’ll be opening shop on Etsy. I’m not ready yet ;-).

Stop by Island Traveler’s blog by clicking on the icon below and witness more creativity, not to mention Mr. B’s gift for story telling and fabulous photography.


Rocky LOVES to be outside. This day, he lucked out. He went for a stroll through the park with his boy and was surrounded by a sea of brightly colored leaves. He looks so relaxed and alert and happy to be there. Don’t you agree?

(Photo taken by ‘his boy’, my son, Joe)

Click on the Flying Dragon and visit Jake’s for a look at other ‘surroundings’.

Or click on any and all of the links below… 🙂























Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

A tribute to Marshall. Our precious pet who traversed Rainbow Bridge last month. And a tribute to Rocky. Our big lug of a shepherd who keeps us sane.

Miss you, Marshmallow Man.
Love you, Rock.


This is my first time posting for one of Cee’s challenges, but I’ve been following her for a while. You really need to visit her blog.  Great fun.  Great photography.

Click on Cee’s Fun Foto icon to see more images or better yet, join in.

20121107-100646.jpg And, not to be outdone…
Heeeeerrrrrrre’s Phoenix!


TRAVEL THEME: BRIGHT and Super Storm Sandy

This week Ailsa, at wheresmybackpack, offered up a “bright” challenge.  As I am always and forever the procrastinator, bloggers left and right were posting some fabulous takes on the theme and in doing so, took a few of my ideas.  Well, they didn’t exactly take anything.  They more like beat me to the punch.  These ideas were formulating in my head (and sitting on my hard drive) but, as always, good ol’ me – a day late and a dollar short – or several dollars to allow for inflation.  Alas (does anyone use that word, really?) I am forced to stray a little from what Ailsa probably had in mind, but here it goes.

Many, if not all of you by now, must have heard about the devastation that bore down on the east coast last week.  Her name was Sandy, and she was wicked.  The losses are too numerous to mention.  Monetary calculations reach into the millions.  Lives were turned inside out and memories were wiped away with the force of the horrific rain and wind that blasted it’s way into so many lives.

Jeff and I were one of the more fortunate.

We drove to our place in Brigantine when we were finally allowed to cross over the bridge.  There isn’t much I can say.  The pictures speak for themselves.

The north end of the beach was pounded by waves that rushed over the seawall to the right.  Everyone was working together to clean up and help out.

This is where there use to be a house.

All some people could do was stack the mud and dirt, along with their possessions, out to the curb.

When we pulled up to our place, this is some of what we saw. 


Siding ripped from the house, pieces of fence torn from their frames, a broken screen, what use to be our mailbox (someone said a unmanned boat floated down our street and crashed into it. OK?) a refrigerator flipped on its side, and a cracked driveway.

We spent the day putting the contents of our garage out to the curb:  the flipped frig, a few beach chairs, our grill, our bikes :-(, tons of tools, and a bunch of other stuff.

We were lucky.

Channel 6 news (ABC) partnered with the American Red Cross to raise over 17 million dollars  to help the people devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  If you haven’t given, 10 bucks will do the trick.  Ten bucks times all of you.  Wow! 

Click here to donate to the American Red Cross and help those people in need.  I did.  It just takes a minute. It will put a “bright”, beautiful smile on your face and give you a feeling of extreme satisfaction  :-).

There’s always a positive side – a “bright” side, if you will.

We finally cleaned out our garage!

Please pass the link to my blog to your friends.  There are so many people that can use your help. And thanks, Ailsa, for the opportunity to make a difference.