Some of you may have noticed, I’ve taken up Tangling.  Zentangle is a fabulous, relaxing, confidence building pass time.  I was just reading a post by my amiga, Lisa, at Zeebra Design’s & Destinations.  And it’s true.  There’s always time for art.  If you have 10 minutes, you can draw or paint or start SOMETHING!  It’s calming.  It’s productive.  It’s FUN.

Here’s some of my art.  I never felt like I could really, REALLY draw, but I can.

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Take Time Out For Art…

But first stop at Lisa‘s to see the best of the best!



When picking up my little buddy a few days back, I was greeted with a smile and an urgent request.  This was a little look into our conversation:

Him:  ( running out of the classroom and grabbing my hand)  Gemma!  We meed to make a sign! (that’s not a typ0.  He meeeeeeds to! He’s four remember.)

Me:  (taking his hand and smiling – he does that to me) Hi, Gemma!

Him:  (with a slight frown and then the light goes on)  Hi, Gemma!  We meeeeeeed to make a sign!

Me:  OK. Sounds like a plan.  What kind of sign?

Him:  A No Dinosaurs sign.  I meed it to keep va dinosaurs out of my room!

Me: (still smiling) Well why would that be?  Are there dinosaurs trying to get into your room?

Him:  No.  But I meed to make sure vat vat doesn’t happen!

So, we made our way home and made a No Dinosaurs sign.



I did the dino using google to guide me of course.  My little friend added the red touches, which he informs me makes it the No Dinosaurs sign.

My husband says, “And you get paid to do this!”  And my response is, “Yes.  And I love every minute.”

Lisa, at Zeebra Designs & Destinations is asking us to stop, for just a little while this busy time of year,  and be creative.  Make yourself a priority and Take some Time Out for Art.  It’ll soothe the soul. 🙂

Click to see Lisa’s incredible art at Playmart.

Timeout For Art

OK.  I am really stretching it here.  The following is a first attempt at joining mi amiga, Lisa‘s request for taking a shot at “art”.  I put quotes around that because “art” is in the eyes of the beholder, and this might not be your idea of art.

Today after picking up my two little charges, I let them run willy nilly through the school yard.  They sprang into action, flitting through the dandelions and buttercups, pulling up “flowers for mom”.  I spotted this bee, doing just about as much flitting as they were, so I called them over to look.  While they ooooo’d and ahhhhhh’d I snapped this picture.

art 1

And while they were at the skating rink this afternoon, I sat with one eye on them and one eye on my bee. Drawing.   I realize I’m taking a chance here.  Lisa is the Queen of Right Brain, and does some amazing, incredible, brilliant art, but I value her opinion, so I’m doing this!  Here goes nada…

art 2

Travel to the wonderful world of Zeebra Designs and Destinations in Equador and see some real “art”.  I don’t exaggerate when I say Lisa’s blog is a beautiful thing.