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I’m obsessed with grapevine wreaths lately. There is a giant peace sign wreath a few towns over, hanging outside the window of a  beauty salon. I WANT THAT THING!  Today I got a coupon for 55% off anything in A. C. Moore. I will use it and I WILL figure out how to make one. 

imageThis is not that, and I’m not even sure grapevine is wood.  But I’m certain someone will let me know if I’ve erred in some way. I just thought it was pleasing to the eye. 

Stop by and visit Cee’s blog. You’ll find some amazing photos there.




  1. I will not be any help. I don’t know what grapevines are made of. Or what wreaths are made of. Or how to make a grapevine wreath. Or how to make a wreath. Or how to grow grapevines. Or what you should buy at AC Moore. But I love the picture and I know you’ll have fun making this creation happen. So yay!

  2. Fabulous image, Gemma. I’m sure your wreath is going to be amazing. You’re so creative. Do be sure to show us when it’s done. 🙂 I’d love to see what the beauty salon’s wreath looks like, if you go over there again.

  3. Great picture! I’d have thought that grapevine is wood – I know they can grow really thick and have a ‘woody’ consistency – but I can’t say for certain. 🙂

  4. also – I would not be of any help – but how fun – and I used to love AC Moore a few years ago – and those specials they have! anyhow, best wishes and looking forward to seeing how it comes out 🙂

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