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Saturday, Jeff and I headed over to New Hope, PA to wander the streets and take in the sites.  The weather was suppose to be nice enough (it wasn’t) and I was in a window shopping/spend some money kind of mood.  Anyway, after strolling for a couple of hours, Jeff ran to the car to refill the meter’s belly.  He lost sight of me for a minute when he got back to where I said I would wait for him.  (I lied.  I got sidetracked.)   He was not surprised when he found me half way down an alley gawking at this macabre mix of mannequins.

New Hope mannequin1

New Hope mannequin2

He knew exactly why I needed these pictures.  And another thing I need are those rose colored glasses!

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41 thoughts on “CEE’S ODD BALL CHALLENGE 2015 – WEEK 12

  1. Only you could find these and turn them into a desirable post! 🙂 I spotted Twiggy and Madonna. Sure I should know the handsome dude but I’m too busy gawping! Kind of compelling 🙂
    Have a happy weekend, Gem.

  2. I found myself really looking at this Gemma wondering if I was trying to find something Lol …
    Was it a window shop or a kind of spend some ££ oops $$ trip … you never said 😉

  3. I guess this is what the world will look like after the Zombie Apocalypse. Yikes! I think I would’ve waited for Jeff BEFORE taking this on. I’m pretty sure the guy in the black shirt is about to jump out and kill somebody.

  4. This pretty much creeps me out. Thank goodness it’s the light of day and not right before I go to bed – lol! At least now the nightmare of going to my day job overshadows a nightmare of the mannequin zombie apocalypse. Mannequin Zombie Apocalypse would be a great name for a band.

    Great oddball, Gemma. 🙂

    • Haha. Thanks, Cee. I could just see you there clicking the way now. Thanks, Cee.
      P. S. The warm water that you drink. Is that boiled and then let to sit until it’s drinkable or is it from the tap or is it water that you leave out? Someone mentioned it to me today and I wondered how you go about making it warm. Get back, jack 😉

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