It’s raining.  Again.  And those news smarties are telling me it’s going to be all wintery this weekend.  Really?  Wintery?  It’s nearly April for heaven’s sake.  When will these cold, dreary days disappear and make way for blue skies and sunshine.  I’m a little bit tired of this weather.  (segue into this week’s Fun Foto Challenge…)

So you want Weathered Wood?  It don’t get no more weathered than this!  Come on Mr. Sun!!!

tree and bench in rain


tree in rain


wooden shed in rain



It stopped raining long enough for me to catch this pile of firewood trying to dry out.  Poor thing has been weathering all winter.  And now, even in spring!  You weather people ARE KILLIN’ ME!


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  1. So artistic! By accident, maybe, but either way, these are amazing. I can take weathered wood all day – it’s the mud that’s killing me. There aren’t enough baby wipes in the world to keep Cupcake’s paws clean. Can you make that look artistic sometime??

  2. the bottom picture of the wood drying out – 🔥 – well the color really is so nice – the hints of reds and oranges – but I wonder if all that clarity jumped out because of the blur in the preceding ones – maybe…
    and speaking of the rain drop blur – so creative and also beauty – the first one felt like it should be on a book cover or with a poem about something ponderous – and the shed can be seen thru all that – I guess to me it felt contemplative – but maybe I just need another cup of java – 🙂 ☕

    • Even with my own photos, I see more after reading your comments. Thank you, Yvette I appreciate the time you take with and the clarity you bring to my posts. Now. For some wine. 😉

      • si senorita – I will take a small glass of a dry red – and maybe we could chat about some art – or pics – or analyze this! lol

        and you know, I think this is why we blog – because it is in the sharing – what we learn from others and what we give back – the overall experience and our varied contributions – like I will always be thankful for the sac brown comment you brought to my blog – and others, but that one was speicla cos it had a rippling effect where I ended up chatting with my step-daughter about something related – (she’s a big country music fan) but so fun to see the trickle….

      • Glad I could have that effect. I agree about the sharing. I am always so bothered (need to meditate more) about people pushing for follows. I want to follow and be followed by just enough people that add a bit of something ‘sweet’ to my life and that I can sometimes learn from. (Include get a laugh and have fun with). Thanks for your insight and the fun stuff too. 😍

      • I agree- and I actually recall when you came to visit me (and dropped int hat cool comment photo) well she said something about the last thing you need is one more person to follow – ha! so I am glad you took a chance with moi – and that is kinda how I view it all – we sometimes put out feelers and stay open o follow or be followed – which all comes down to a shared connection (or not – and if not -or if it is only a connection for a season – then people are free to go – and that is win-win – right…)
        and just last night I was telling my husband about a certain type of blogger – well we were driving somewhere and somehow the topic came up – and I told him my least favorite type of follower are the ones that start following you but then expect you to only visit and interact on their site – a lot of authors do this – and I do not mind – and reciprocating does not at all have to be “even” because some of us will want to visit more – but after a solid year and a half of blogging under my belt – I see that certain bloggers operate like this – and I think daily they just follow a good number of blogs, and do so only to build their numbers. and more power to them because it is an open market – and like you though, I’m grateful for an amount that we can actually share some things with (sweetness) – ❤

  3. Those rain clicks are absolutely wonderful… send me some of your artsy-ness! And a cure for PROcrastination.. 🙂 You make me want to pick up my camera. We have snow coming our way this morning… 1 inch! Just enough to “mess” everything up… bah!

      • DANG! We didn’t get any snow. It’s too cold to go out and take pictures BUT I have a picture to take inspired by your new creative zen room. I did something similar so I will be posting to IG just for you… as soon as I quit PROcrastinating and catch up on my likes and commenting on IG! Good Morning Gemma!

  4. I love all of these, as well as your “pun intended”… 🙂 They are, however, making me want to go curl up on my couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. Not a bad idea, actually….

    • Actually both. The building is very old and has been weathered and I’m assuming that the trees have been there quite some time and have been weathered. I also think that little bit offense has been there for a while too and weathered. So all in all everything is soaked.😁

    • I don’t know if I would put lovely and remain in the same sentence. I know we need it but I’m getting a little tired of it. Plus my sump pump isn’t working right! But thank you, Sonel.

  5. Oh I love these pictures, Gem, I really do! The top one could almost be a painting (a water colour???), except for the rather too sharp buildings at the back. And in the second one down I love the way the rain drops show up against the black tree branches. And the old wooden shed, oh wow!, that IS a painting! … its no good, I must go and get some clean underwear… And the last one is nothing like the others but I love the composition and the colours. You haven’t been dipping into Rocky’s pills again, have you????? A xxx

    • You are so funny and so wonderful. I’m so very glad that you like them, Adrian. About the underwear, more than I need to know! 🙂 And no I haven’t been touching Rockies medicine but, if it would inspire…

  6. Loved your commentary…and the pictures. Just to rub salt in to the wound…we are having a spell of beautiful weather at the moment. Calm, blue skies after the fog clears, low to mid-twenties…we just need some rain to fill the cracks in the ground 🙂

    • The sun IS shining today! Hallelujah! But it’s not as warm as I’d like for the class trip I have to take to the park with my ‘little charge’ today. But it’s better than rain!

  7. Love the images in the rain. Reminds me of being at home with family, getting cozy with a blanket, sharing our favorite meal, watching TV, sharing stories, enjoying moments and memories. Have a wonderful weekend. Regards to your family.

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