map of the woods

Last week was my first back to my ‘job’.  I am the caregiver for two bright, adorable, charming, rascals five days a week.  Since school hadn’t started yet, and since the weather is holding out – for now – we made a unanimous decision to walk to the park – so we could walk the park.  I can’t resist letting you in on a snippet of our conversation.  If this doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will.  It went something like this…

Me:  Stop at the corner and wait for me, please.

Brother #1:  We need to stop, look, and listen.

Me:  Exactly.

Brother #1:  We need to not touch the wires (electrical wires that, in some cases, are brought down to the lawns and bolted in somehow – why on the ground I don’t know.)

Me:  You are absolutely right!  Why do you think that is?

Brother #1:  Momma says it’s because you’ll get dead.

Me: (smiling) And we wouldn’t want to get dead, would we?

Younger Brother: And because they are full of ‘lectrical kermits!

OK.  Do I have a great job or what?


Decisions.  Which way?  They went right.  I went left.

Decisions. Which way? They went right. I went left.

We are getting near the end of the path.  We talked about getting lost and what we would do if that happened.  Brother #1 was  not concerned.  Younger brother had found a very long stick.  Apparently, and according to Brother #1, it was a GPS stick.

The GPS Stick will guide us safely through the woods.  Step back, Garmin!

The GPS Stick will guide us safely through the woods. Step back, Garmin!

It got us around and through and over and back.  We had the best time walking the woods in the park.  I hope you enjoyed a little of my day.  I know I do.  Every day!  How lucky am I? 🙂

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“There are so many paths.”

Yup, there are.”

“Do you know which to choose?”

“Well.  I’d think that would be up to the individual.”

“What’s at the end of each path?”

“I’ve heard they’re all very different.”

“Have you taken any of these?”


“How did you know which one you wanted to walk down?”

“It was easy.”

“So.  How did you decide?”

“Well, I knew that down one path I’d find Strength. Down another, Hope. “

“And the others?”

“Wisdom, Knowledge, Opportunity, Love.  The list is long.”

“Are they all good paths?”

“No.  There’s Hate, Darkness, Dispair.”

“But how?  How did you know which to choose.”

Barclay - wooden path

Barclay – wooden path

path Collingswood

Collingswood – Wooden Bridge

Brigantine - Sea Wall walkway

Brigantine – Sea Wall walkway

Walkway to a New Future

Walkway to a New Future

Path along Barclay trail

Path along Barclay trail

Barclay - stone path

Barclay – stone path

”  It may sound strange, and a little bit scary, but it was something I felt.  I had a choice, and I just knew I didn’t want Hate, Darkness, or Dispair.  Any one of the other paths meant a good future for me.  I could feel myself being drawn to the goodness.  From there, it was easy.”

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