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Not too long ago, Jeff and I made our wish-list-visit to the local cycle shop.  This was hanging in the back of the place.  It says it all.

A one Hundred year Heritage of riding with respect



This was mine – 10 years ago.  Those days are gone but the love of riding remains.

HHH is for Harely.


HHH is for Happy on a Handsome Harley 🙂

Click on the A – Z icon below.  It will take you to frizztext’s fascinating blog, and some of his great guitar sounds to listen to while browsing.

frizztext a to z


14 thoughts on “HHH-CHALLENGE by FRIZZTEXT

    • Haha! The before picture was a pumpkin one of my former students and her mom carved for a school-wide contest a few years back. (They were spot on with the likeness, no?) Although I did look like that when I removed my googles and helmet. Harley-hair! Ha!

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